Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet Screenshots

DOS version

Magic Carpet Logo
Dragon burning the city (from the spectacular intro sequence)
Loading the Game (floppy version)
Loading the Game (CD version)
Outside of a native village
Two giant worms attacking!
A fortress built on a small island
Overhead map. You can still see your POV in the upper right view.
A small unsuspecting village.
A large house reflected in it's private pond.
A jump-gate that leads out to the water.
A murder of crows over the sea.
Ghouls suddenly appeared!
A long gorge splits this level.
What exactly are those statues doing?
Flying really fast over the water.
You'd better get outta there Alladin.
Trapped inside a fort.
A genie appears!
Collecting mana orbs.
A balloon way off in the distance.

Magic Carpet Screenshots

PlayStation version

CG intro tells the plot from a storybook.
Title screen.
Flying above the natives.
No reflections in the PS version.
Mana is the game's ultimate resource.
Terrain can be marked and deformed by spells.
Your balloon collects claimed Mana and returns it to your castle.
Trees burn and towers grow out of the ground.
Claiming a building for ourselves.
An enemy wizard claims Mana for himself.
Enemy wizards can be killed if attacked enough.
These pots hold new spells.
Overhead map screen.
The PS port includes the Hidden Worlds levels as a bonus campaign.
Battle against multiple A.I. mages in later levels.