On the one hand, Ms. Metaverse is an interactive, futuristic and rather tacky beauty pageant. On the other hand, it's an interesting multimedia plug for developer Virtual Vegas' casino website,

As a judge for the future’s biggest beauty pageant, the Ms. Metaverse contest, you decide which of ten sassy ladies wins the crown. The contestants, real-life girls filmed and digitized, introduce themselves in full motion video clips; you pick five from the pool and go on judging them in the categories looks, brains and talent. While moving between the judging pavilions in colorful rendered video sequences, you earn money by shooting the contestants – “their artificial stupidity programs could do irreparable damage to Virtual Vegas if allowed to wander around unchecked”, explains the manual. Understood.

While the Looks contest seems to be a sorry excuse to stare at pics of scantily clad women (there’s no nudity in Ms. Metaverse), it also serves to identify males and / or cyborgs which might have slipped into the contest. The Brains and Talent contests display coarse videos of the contestants dancing or performing awkward sketches with Ms. Metaverse host Monty Megabyte (Chris Bonno). Watching these performances costs money, which you earn by shooting girls (see above) or playing a simple slot machine. After you’ve reviewed all the ladies, you may crown one Ms. Metaverse.

Ms. Metaverse offers content downloads via the included Mosaic Direct Browser – see trivia section for a detailed description.


Ms. Metaverse Windows Your job as a judge is to examine the contestants’ bodies closely from the front...
Ms. Metaverse Windows A hearty welcome from the weird, probably psychotic host Monty Megabyte. His appearances are video overlays on the rendered backgrounds.
Ms. Metaverse Windows Picking five contestants from the cryo chamber. Each one introduces herself in the video box to the right. Say hello to Nancy Naughtilust (Renee Tenison).
Ms. Metaverse Windows Oops! One of them turned out the be a male (cleverly disguised). To the penalty box!

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PC Action Windows Jul, 1996 10 out of 100 10


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The box advertises the chance to "WIN $10,000" in the "Ms. Metaverse On-Line contest" at The readme file explains the details: buyers are encouraged to create their own pageant contestants and upload them to, where visitors would vote for their favorite. A $10.000 price would be awarded to the "most seductive, desirable, intriguing being in the Metaverse". The contest rules didn't give an ending date, but stated quite clearly that "Electromedia will have no obligation to award any prizes in the Contest if the contest is discontinued by Electromedia".

According to's Wayback Machine, there were 35 contestants on Virtual Vegas' Ms. Metaverse website by December 1996, including the 10 original women from the game. This would mean 25 people participated in the contest. There is no indication that a winner was chosen, nor that the $10,000 price was ever awarded.
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