Méwilo Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Intro - Arrival at St Pierre
Map of Martinique
St Pierre harbor
Habitation Grand Parnasse
Your friends in front of their haunted house
Salon in the house of your friends
Meeting with Echevin
A big mc exam at the distillery
Plantation Le Lys Veri
Meeting with Laurent du Banville at plantation
One of the riddles the player has to solve
Lighthouse in St Pierre
Meeting with Minerve Doussaint at Cathedral
Le Pont de Pierres
Meeting with shopkeeper Rue Victor Hugo
Meeting with Valentin de Ronan

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Arriving at island Martinique...
Locations in the North of the island
Conversing with distiller
At St. Pierre's port
Near the lighthouse
On the Victor Hugo's street.
At cacao plantation
At the entrance of Grand Parnasse habitation
Conversing with your friends
Examining the events occurred in house nearest to Grand Parnasse
Snake! Beware!
You are dead... Game Over.