Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Just past the starting line in first-person view
Close-up third person. That's a cop up ahead.
Don't hit the Winnebago.
Scraping past traffic in zoomed-up third-person view.
At the starting line in two-player mode
Player 2 gets cut off in split-screen.
Watch out for oncoming traffic.

Windows version

Still shot from the opening intro
Title/Loading Screen
Main Menu
Choose your car
Trick out your car
Fighing to get to the head of the pack
Switching to Hot Pursuit mode
Why can't I shake this pig?
That's one hell of a hairpin turn
It's a bit difficult to steer when you hit a spike strip and LOSE YOUR WHEELS
It's anybody's race -- or arrest
Atlantica: Of course you can also play a single race, here I'm starting one in a Ferrari 355F1 Spider
Atlantica: A user-made BMW in trouble, there's a roadblock with spike strip deployed on the atlantica boardwalk
Hometown: The hometown track has a lovely rural setting. The car is a Spectre R42
Hometown: Woohoo! Look what happened when I rammed my Lamborghini Countach into that cop car!
Rocky Pass: The competition gets caught by the cops. Notice how dirt from the Scighera's tires stains the camera
Rocky Pass: A Lister Storm and a Lamborghini Diablo come storming down the mountain with a pursuit Corvette chasing them
The Summit: You don't have to run from the law, you can also join the cops. Chasing an Aston Martin DB7 with the Pursuit Corvette
Lost Canyons: Speeding through the Lost Canyon ruins in the car that makes every police officer drool: the pursuit Diablo SV
Aquatica: A Mercedes CLK GTR in the Neptune tunnel
Empire City: I guess that cop wants revenge for the way I hit him a couple of screenshots earlier ;->
Overview of the Country Woods track. You can race every track backwards, mirrored, by night and with different wheather
Car Showcase: There's a slide show for every model, this is the most exotic of them all: the Italdesign Scighera
Car Showcase: Viewing the interior of the Jaguar XK8 (360 degree panorama shot)
Hometown: leading the pack during the second lap.