Super Dodge Ball Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

The classic Technos logo.
Title screen (US version).
Title screen (Japanese version).
Learning the basic commands in a tutorial "How To Play" screen.
You can choose between seven different teams.
The camera can zoom out to accommodate all action on the screen!
Kunio taunts the defeated team.
All characters have a special reflecting move that can send the ball back to the enemy at amazing speed.
If two characters grab the ball at the same time, you have to tap the button as fast as you can to recover control of the ball!
Some of the special moves are, ah, rather... special-looking.
If you defeat one of the main characters, you can choose to add him or her to your team!
Misuzu uses her... assets to the best of her abilities.
Here you can see a custom made team of Kunio, Misuzu and Shinji, taking on Riki's team.
She may be a lady but she's not ladylike at all!
... at least, we think Misuzu's a lady. *shudders*