The Neverending Story II: The Arcade Game

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Commodore 64


Programmer of the DOS version Ste Cork left following message in one of the game's files:

Another Ste Cork Creation, but what a sod to write!
Don't work for LINEL, it's lousy money, flies everywhere, the whole place stinks of shit - human and cattle -, there's NOTHING to do but work, no TV or anything, no pubs, nowhere to go, no car - despite what he tells you, you're always hungry, 'phoning home costs you nearly all your wages, if you need medical treatment you're in trouble 'cos you're working there without a permit, your wages are late EVERY month.
I could go on but I've only got 640k ram after all.

Contributed by B.L. Stryker (20700) on Mar 15, 2005. -- edit trivia

There is an Amstrad version.

A large poster is enclosed with the game.

Contributed by Tomer Gabel (4361) on Dec 05, 1999. -- edit trivia