Night Trap

Night Trap Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title screen
Mission briefing
Large screen mode
Small screen mode
There is a lot going on in this house.
Protect those girls from whatever happened to the last ones.
Hidden cameras in almost every room and a series of traps
But make sure you don't trap someone you should be protecting.
Breaking contact.

Night Trap Screenshots

SEGA 32X version

Title Screen
Sims is your boss and yells at you when you screw up.
This creepy family lives in the house.
Dana Plato: What the hell happened?
So you see the "augs"....
... and you trap them!
The augs take a victim.
So much wasted porno potential.

Night Trap Screenshots

SEGA CD version

Two girls getting chased by the "creeps"
Two of the "creeps" get captured!
The young boy witnesses a victim's blood getting drained from his body by a machine operated by two "creeps"
A bedroom conversation
The briefing
This girl's looks scream out 80's
A conversation
Bad guys getting captured
He's screaming like he's in labor
Run, girls! Run!!
The kid fights back with a lazer gun of some sort
A dramatic close-up to one of the bad guys as his eyes turn an eerie green
The undercover agent busts out her gun
Look behind you!