Diary Girl: Organize, Chat, Play Everyday Credits

Team 3 Games Limited

ProgrammingShaun Southern, Harvey Stroud
Concept and DesignGareth Jones, Kelvin Cannon-Brown
GUI ScriptingTom Seymour
ArtTom Seymour, Steven Millership
Concept ArtSteven Millership
RepresentationJulie Man (for Marjacq Micro Ltd)
AudioSilicon Audio, Simon Withenshaw, Suddi Raval
Special Thanks toJacqui Lyons, Kurt Busch, Mary Shinya, Ben Flasher, Mike Ferenduros, Katie Jones, Megan Jones, Robyn Clarke, Kathryn Durrant, Rebecca Holly Stroud, Phoebe Millership, Chloe Cannon-Brown, Niamh Swindells

Konami Digital Entertainment

ChairmanKazumi Kitaue
CEOKazumi Kitaue
Executive Vice PresidentShinji Hirano
Senior Director of Content StrategyTetsuya Hiyoshi
Vice President of Product DevelopmentBrian F. Christian
Vice President of LicensingCareen Yapp
Executive ProducerTakeshi Minagawa


ProducerJason Ray
Lead TestersPearl Lu, Carl Chen
Product SupportKensaku Nakata, Kenji Yamamoto
Quality AssuranceBabel Media
Production CoordinatorDonna Weakley


Vice President of MarketingAnthony Crouts
Vice President of OperationsTodd Koniares
Compliance, Vice PresidentMari Tasaki
ComplianceKevin Reilly
Product ManagerMondona Akhavan
Director of MarketingRozita Tolouey
Operations ManagerAlaine de Leon
Associate Director of PRMarc Franklin
Customer Service SupervisorBrandis Dutton
SSR, OperationsCathy Ramirez, Jina Siy, Traci Jones

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (196669)