Kirby: Squeak Squad Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

An opening shot
Title screen
An intro shot
Well, at least nobody can fault this game for not being colorful enough.
The motivation behind the game is as thin as ever.
Frying up some critters with the Beam Kirby.
Beam Kirby looks surprisingly like some demented jester.
Surprisingly Link-like Sword Kirby
Sword-Kirby is about to meat his match.
World map
Fire-Kirby is about to set the world on fire!
Fighting a mini-boss
In addition to the powers Kirby has the ability to float in the air.
Animal Kirby can dig through the soft soil.
Whenever Kirby collects one of the large, ornate chests these guys pop up and force you to either run like hell or stand and fight.
Completed a level with two chests.
Arriving in another level.
Animal at the gates!
MMmm! Colorful!
You can't carry more than five objects.
Using the Spark-Kirby power.
I am SO about to die!