Rhythm Heaven Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Title screen
Main game menu
Glee club - One of the funniest minigames
Shoot-'em-up title screen
Shoot-'em-up action
Karate Man tutorial
Love lizards tutorial
Blue birds tutorial
Big rock finish tutorial - the ghost rockers!
DJ school tutorial
Love lab
Drummer duel - Taiko drums action
Pop stars need fans!
"Your syncing was stinking! Try again!"
Freeze frame - capture the excitement of car racing on film!
Failed a game!
Another fail screen (each game has a set of screens)
The Dazzlers action
Got a good result in a game
Munchy Monk title screen
Munchy Monk action (missed!)
Built to scale tutorial
Rockers - the only game that makes use of a button
Listen to music menu
Perfect certificate
Guitar lessons menu
Guitar lessons - playing a song
Endless games menu
Endless game - Tunnel
Endless game - Rhythmove dungeon (quite tough actually)
Endless game - Coin toss
Endless game - Samurai slice
Endless game - Glass taper
Rhythm toys menu
Rhythm toy - Beat machine
Rhythm toy - Kappa DJ
Rhythm toy - Business card
There's also a mini-game while credits roll
Game characters scroll across the screen as if it were credits