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3DO version

Before the accident... everything's quiet
Your lab after the accident
The first level
With your alien friend. Can I call You Bob? :D
Recharging your gun
The caves; completely redrawn
Stairs to the caves
Underground pool
Don't worry Bob! I'll save you!
Main menu
Trying to reunite with our alien buddy.
Charge up the gun to destroy doors.
Swimming in the flooded caves.
Each area of the 3DO version has been redrawn with greater detail.
Chase scene. Run!
Passwords are given at death.
Back onto the surface.
In an alien palace. Or broom closet, maybe. Who knows?
Lester's quick on the draw.
Entering the gladiator tank.
Pushing buttons at random.
Crash landed in a bath house.
Lasers streak by in the foreground.

Amiga version

Main Title
Just arrived in your ferrari.
Prepping experiment for a countdown to a... disaster.
The animation technique in this game was trully amazing.
Arriving on an alien planet... with half of your desktop project.
Tricking the beast... but for how long.
Hero against the black worms.
Hello, I come in peace. Please don't aim in the head.
Boy, do I feel like I have square eyes from that hit.
Swing, buddy, swing, or do you wanna wait for an execution.
Inside the tower top.
A view upon the alien city.
Breaking down the walls.
Recharging a gun.
Jumping over the spikes.
Turning enemy into toasts or vice-versa is nicely animated for sure.
The light at the end of the tunnel!
The bridge is out!
Maybe I can blow this wall open with my laser?
In the tunnels.
It sure is dark down here.
I wonder where that staircase leads?
Game Over - I drowned.
Walking along a tunnel.
On a T shaped rock.
Ouch! A boulder fell on me and I can't get up.
An alien building...
Exploring the alien building.
Ok, aliens! I'm ready for you!
Nice pillars.
These aliens have nice lights.
Diving down deep.
These hall looks empty...
Run! They're on my trail!
The way out is closed!
At the controls of an alien craft.
The alien arena.
These aliens want to kill me!

Atari ST version

Copy protection.
Title screen.
Arriving with ferrari.
Exiting elevator.
Working on something important.
Strange new alien world.
That looks dangerous.
Alien monster.
Now you are in trouble.
Hello friend.
You have a friend in prison.
My eyes.
Trying to escape.
Found a gun.
Protecting a friend.
Entering elevator.
Nice view from a window.
Recharging your weapon.
Killed by a spike.
In the tunnels.
Found a stairs.
Nice little waterfall.
You drowned.
One little mistake.
Watch out for deadly traps.
This trap has teeth.
Inside alien building.
What happen here?
Is this alien paradise?
Alien landscape.
Looks like there is an alien city in the distance.
A big ugly alien with a big bad laser.
Jail break!
In an alien tower.
Dropping down into some ducts.
Exploring an alien building.
These guys are trying to kill me!

DOS version

Another World Title Screen (Europe/Australia version)
Title Screen
You play Lester, the young Physics professor
Your lab
You find yourself in a strange alien world
This animal is quite hungry
You are imprisoned in a cage with a native
You find a gun
Keep the guards busy while your friend is trying to unlock the door
You look outside from a room's window located in a high tower
Charging your gun
Crossing the bridge
You find yourself inside a building while your friend enters here from a sewer
When there's no way out, you gotta make one yourself.
To slippery to cross over.
Evading the rain of the rocks.
Ooops, this jump can only mean one thing - death.
The gun on the floor, tight grip by the neck, and only solution is kicking in the balls.
There's no way to avoid swimming in the game, is there?
One wrong aim and you're toast, literally.
Yeah, run you scoundrel, Lester's comin'!!
One of the most confusing situations in the game, and it's timed.
Looking like an out of this world harem.
Missed by an inch.
When Lester's flying, noone can calculate the right vectors for him.
Opening Movie (EGA)
In the elevator (EGA)
You find yourself in a strange alien world (EGA)
Running down a hallway. (VGA)
Looks like the bridge is broken! (VGA)
A guard waits for me at the bottom of the stairs. (VGA)
A dome shaped room. (VGA)
What's in that building? (VGA)
A canopy... maybe it will help me get down? (VGA)
Lester pulls out his laser and gets ready to zap some aliens. (VGA)
Nice view around these parts. (VGA)
Watch out for those alien slugs, they are nasty. (VGA)
An underground tunnel.
Watch your step around the tunnel. (VGA)
The opening intro. (VGA)
Title screen (Tandy)
Meet our hero Conrad (Tandy)
Science! (Tandy)
Swim for your life! (Tandy)
Stranded in another world (Tandy)
Hostile lifeforms (Tandy)

Genesis version

Lester at his holographic workstation in the intro cutscene.
Lightning strikes the laboratory on that fateful night, interfering with the particle accelerator and transporting Lester to... another world.
European title of the Genesis version
Lester's diary. Added for SNES and Genesis versions. I think it looks better in SNES version (see my screenshot of it),
Enter your MobyGames user name and password
Pause. Right. Very useful in a game like this one
Low-resolution, what to say. Looks kinda crappy compared to PC version
The aliens must have spared on electricity. Still, you must locate a switch, although you can barely see yourself here
You opened the cages and released the wild beasts. Nice, Lester!
The only creature who won't attack you in this world. Don't even think of shooting him!
Lester protects himself with an energy shield during a gunfight with an alien guard.
The alien cityscape, as seen through a window at the top of the prison block.
Lester finally locates a recharging unit for his weapon.
Title screen (U. S. version)

Macintosh version

Title screen
The intro begins with a screeching car
Cinematic feet
Meet Lester
Cinematic hand
Lester passes security
Something is wrong with the particle accelerator
Watch out for the tentacles!
A hideous beast
Now he can't get me
Saved by the aliens
What happened?
Thank you for killing that beast!
What's that up in the sky?
Cinematic gun

SNES version

Title screen (U. S. version)
Nice lightning effects around the title (European version)
Title screen (European version)
Outer World (Japanese).
Lester's diary. This sequence is absent in the PC version (European version)
K.I.T.T. .... is that you!
You really shouldn't leave your fingerprints laying around like that.
I wouldn't exactly call it a FERRARI but... Oh, I see. You're being sarcastic. Thank you, Sarcastic Computer System.
Fuc*ing beast.
Press Start button to pause the game at any time (European version)
Not really sure if I should just drop into the dark abyss or jump into Ugly Face there.
A beautiful cut scene (European version)
Is this how you greet all visitors around here...
First shot, THEN arrested.
From now on, you have a weapon (European version)
Where there's light, there's hope!
...unless, of course, if you find yourself in a place that looks like Minas Morgul.
Best shot ever.
Not really sure what's going on here, but I'll assume a giant arm holding a light saber is watching me.
Don't let the water get to you. It's freezing cold.
Nice walls (European version)
A puzzle: to shoot or not to shoot? Maybe this alien can be useful somehow (European version)
Shooting a bomb out of the pistol at an enemy (European version)
Cave level: crawl through narrow passages and avoid deadly geizers (European version)
The hero in a cut-scene (European version)
You become a gladiator for the aliens. Solve the puzzle, protect the machine from the shots and launch it to leave the stadium
Underwater level (European version)
Facing one of the trickiest enemies in the game (European version)
A puzzle: shoot the correct green bundle to make it fall down on a guard's head (European version)

Windows version

Title screen
Main game screen
Keyboard controls
The intro begins with a screeching Ferrari.
Lester, the young Physics professor
Starting an experiment of the Project 23
You end up in a strange world.
A presumably unfriendly monster
Locked up in a cage, along with one of the natives.
The only weapon you will use in the game, but it has many purposes.
Escaping from the prison.
Escaping from the beast.
You can recharge your weapon in this room.
Outside, treading carefully.
On the run for a flood of water
Caught! Fortunately, there is a nifty way to get out of this situation.
Chased by multiple guards. Your friend is crawling through a tunnel at the top of the screen.
You can place shields to fence off the guards for a while.
Your friend has been captured.
Under attack in a room with stained glass
Running over a laser fence in the dark.
When you release the animals, mayhem is abound.
Tank sequence
Don't try to get too distracted.
A friend indeed
Saved from death
This one isn't too friendly.
Final showdown
Flying away on a dragon.

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
The intro starts with a screeching car.
Lester, the main protagonist
Putting in the password
Working on an important project
Quick, Lester! Swim!
What a strange planet!
Combat with what appears to be black slugs.
Uh oh, a beast!
Whew, that was close!
An alien just saved me from that beast.
Thanks! ;)
I'm imprisoned!
I saw this screen a lot.

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