Pac-Mania Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title picture
Title screen
Choose the difficulty
Intro for easy mode
Game start on easy
Pac-Man dies
Intro for medium mode
Game start on medium
Level 2 of medium
Game start on hard
Level 2 of hard
High scores

Amiga version

Round Select
A couple of ghosts chasing Pac
Just ate a ghost
A swarm of ghosts chasing Pac
Pacman's Park
Pacman Theatre
Sandbox Land
Jumping Ghost
Now that's a big ghost!
Jungly Steps

Amstrad CPC version

Round selection
One of the round opening screens
Block Town
There's a fruit target in the middle of the maze
Got the fruit target for 3000 points
Jumping over a series of ghosts
Collect power pills to make ghosts edible
Once eaten, the ghosts turn to eyes and retreat back to the center
10 against 1? Not fair!
Pacman's Park
Pacman Theatre
That's not fruit
Sandbox Land
Jungly Steps
A jumping ghost
Name Entry
High Scores

Arcade version

Title Screen.
World Select.
Eat the pills, avoid the ghosts.
There's a power pill.
Eat the ghosts.
Their eyes go back to their base.
Bonus points for the Cherries.
Jumped over a ghost.
Well Done.
Pacman Theater!
Oh Dear.
Next World.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Choosing a level
Let's go to Block Town
So this is what Block Town looks like? I wonder why it got its name...
It's a delicious ghost, I must eat it
They got me!
I wonder what that red dot does
Look, I can jump!
It's the Pacman Theatre!
Now I feel at home
The ghost matches the backdrop
Near the ghost house
Let's go to Sandbox Land
I hope I get that power pill in time
Round cleared
They just changed the colours
It's a delicious pepper, I must eat it
Let's go to the Jungly Steps
Which way should I go?
The ghosts may get their revenge yet!
I made the high score!

Commodore 64 version

Round Select
A couple of ghosts chasing Pac
Just ate a ghost
Pac chasing a ghost
Several ghosts chasing Pac
Pacman's Park
Pacman's Park at Night
Sandbox Land
Sandbox Land at Night
Jumping Ghosts
Jungly Steps

Genesis version

Round Select
Block Town
Pac can eat ghosts if they turn blue
Pac receives 200 points for eating a ghost
Pac is about to collide with the purple ghost
Pacman's Park
Pacman Theatre
Ghost Eyes
The "Jumping Ghosts" of Sandbox Land
And what a huge ghost that is
Jungly Steps
Name Entry
A little trouble.

J2ME version

Title screen
Oh no! They got me.
Starting out
The ghosts are getting close.
Eating a power pellet
Now it's my turn to chase.
Eating a ghost
About to eat a cherry
Game over

MSX version

Intro screen
Select number of players or continue a game
Eat the big yellow balls to chase the monsters
Eat the balls and avoid the monsters
Eat the hidden fruits for bonuses
Lego World Level
(MSX1) Loading screen
(MSX1) Choose a level
(MSX1) Let's go to block town
(MSX1) The ghosts are ripe for eating
(MSX1) At least Pac-man is yellow, even though the ghosts are mono
(MSX1) It's the Pacman theatre!
(MSX1) Jumping across the ghosts
(MSX1) Let's go to sandbox land
(MSX1) Hey, Teque! Did you know that the MSX has something called sprites?
(MSX1) High scores
One of the pre-level cut scenes (MSX2)

NES version

Title screen
Choose a starting level
Introduction to the next world
Pac-Man on the first level
You can eat ghosts when they are blue
Jumping over a couple of ghosts
Some ghosts, like this green one, can jump too
Running for a power pellet

Sharp X68000 version

Opening screen
Title screen

SEGA Master System version

Round select
Block Town
Jumping over a ghost
Just ate a ghost
Coin World
Mmm... Hamburger
Pacman's Park
Pac-Man died because something happened to him
Pacman Theatre
Sandbox Land 1
Jumping green ghost
Sandbox Land 2
"Good God!", gasped Gerald, "Look at the size of that blue ghost"
Jungly Steps 1
Jungly Steps 2

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Round selection.
Round 1, ready!
About to eat a ghost.
Round 1 clear.
Round 2, about to eat a fruit for bonus points.
They've got me this time.
Round 3. This special item, the Double Pellet (pink), gives Pac-Man the same powers as the Power Pellet, but for a shorter time and for more points for each ghost eaten.
Round 4. This other special item, the Super Pellet (green), makes Pac-Man move faster.
Round 5 has a side passage that makes Pac-Man get to the opposite side of the map.
Beating round 5 takes you to the next world.
Round 6, jumping over some ghosts. The problem is that the green one also knows how to jump.
Round 7, about to drink some coffee.
Round 8, who wants some bananas?
Round 9, jumping over the orange ghost.
Round 10, about to eat a peach.
Round 11 introduces the grey ghost, who can also jump.
Round 12. The themes start to repeat (it's the same map as Round 1). I'm not sure if that bell will taste good!
Game over.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Choose your level.
Level 1.
Let's go.
Pacman can jump.