Paper Sorcerer Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu - Starting a new game will prompt difficult selection. Not entirely sure what 1980s means.
Intro - The final battle between the four heroes and the sorcerer.
Character creation - Only consists of selecting a gender.
Game start - In a dark cell, with only a bed and door in sight.
Story - A talking mouse offering assistance? Let's see where this goes.
Summoning - Once the player escapes the cell, his/her first minion may now be summoned.
Summoning - Before summoning, the player may browse through the available minions. Here displaying the werewolf and its basic functions.
Summoning - Minions differ in skills, combat abilities, and equipment. Shown here is an example of skills a ghost has.
Combat - First combat scene, the player and a chosen minion against a single guard. Here displaying a list of actions available during combat.
Combat - Our hero casting an offensive spell. Attack spells ignore armor at half the damage.
Combat - Melee attacks sometimes comes with a short animation sequences of the attacking minion. Little chance of winning against this knight in the 1980s difficulty.
Combat - After winning an encounter, sometimes party members will level up, providing a brief description of their new abilities.
Menu -Various options covered in more detail, accessible from the menu screen.
Menu, Equipment - Many minions have limited equipment slots and may equip only certain items. The sorcerer however, is able to equip most weapons and armor.
Menu, Skill - Shows the list of skills a party member has. Some skills, such as healing spells may be cast outside combat.
Menu, Info - Summon equipment provides information on what items a minion can equip in their inventory.
Searching - Some rooms or objects can searched or manipulated to reveal additional actions.
Chests - Although most items may be obtained simply by clicking on them, some objects may require items to access them.