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F-15 Strike Eagle (PC Booter)

F-15 Strike Eagle Screenshots

PC Booter version

Title screen (original release)
Title screen (later re-release)
In-game CGA screenshot
Flying. (EGA version)
Title screen (CGA Original)
Title screen (EGA)
Version information - 402.02 (EGA)
Graphics Configuration (version 402.02) (EGA)
Select Game speed (version 402.02) (EGA)
Select Mission (version 402.02) (EGA)
Loading Persian Gulf (version 402.02) (EGA)
Alert! Sam launch (EGA)
Firing to Enemy Plane by Gun (EGA)
Gun Rounds Remaining (EGA)
Crashed! (EGA)
Game Over (version 402.02)
Authenticate (12) : Enter Code (CGA)
Note (CGA)
Gun Rounds Remaining (CGA)
Warning!! (Before crash) (CGA)