5 Jikan me no Venus Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Fairy Dust logo
Title screen
Happy family?
They bring her in...
Naming the doctor. I go with "MobyGame" :)
Outside of the school
Hospital room
Locker room
Shimeji is resting
Foxy teacher
Looking at Shimeji's data
Point and click segment
We clicked well, it seems!..
The data shows... err... progress
School corridor
Class room
With a boyfriend like that, no wonder she is depressed...
Strange room...
Oh no, what is she doing... giving a blow job to a stick made of mosaics :)
City street
Train station
Talking to a cute waitress
Decisions, decisions...
Shimeji is raped by her boss
Dirty-minded customers
Choose a conversation topic
Choose a book to read on the train