Barbapapa Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

From the intro: The family is out flying.
Title screen.
Barbapapa welcomes you to the game.
Taking a walk in the forest.
Turn into an umbrella to avoid damage from spiky things falling from trees.
Yay! I made it!
Popping balloons while avoiding the grumpy looking vultures.
Everyone loves balloons!
Snowball fight!
Don't hit the dog! He'll get mad and you'll lose points.
Remember to not sit too close to the TV!
What word goes with that item on the table?
Picking a shape for Barbapapa for the picture.
Sweet! That shape was a surf board when I picked the water background!
What does she look like? Try to match the picture by adding pieces to the puzzle.
I picked three instruments to play with...
... and here we go! Concert in session!
Play again?