G-Police (PlayStation)

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G-Police Credits


Original ConceptNeil Duffield
ScriptAngus Fieldhouse, Steve Hill, Simon Gardner, Ross Thody, Neil Duffield
Lead ProgrammerNeil Duffield
ProgrammersAndrew Crowley, Mario D'Onofrio, Tony Marshall, Andrew McCabe, Dominic Robinson, Kim Watson, Gavin Whitlock
Lead ArtistTrevor Slater
3D ArtistsClaire Cooper, Steve Hill, Theo Pantazi, John Reitze, Iain Thody
Front End DesignIain Thody
Lead FMV ArtistAngus Fieldhouse
FMV ArtistsEuan Leckie, Trevor Slater
Character DesignAngus Fieldhouse
Character ModelingAngus Fieldhouse
Music DesignStuart Duffield (Pug)
Special Effects DesignStuart Duffield (Pug)
Level DesignRoss Thody
Game Play CoordinatorsJim McPhail, Edward Persey, Ross Thody, Stuart Wheeler
Head ProducerGraham Davis
ProducerRoss Thody
Alpha Production AssistancePeter Woods
Manual EditorDamon Fairclough
Manual & Package DesignRichard Turner
Head of QAKevin Turner
UK Product ManagerDavid Dyett
UK Project ManagerSimon Shilleto
Head ArtistAngus Fieldhouse
Head of Software EngineeringDominic Robinson
Programming ManagerGraeme Williams
Art ManagerCarlos Ulloa
Studio ManagerSimon Gardner
Technical SupportJeff Young, Dave Collins
Software Development Manager (US Division)Jim Drewry
Sr. Product Manager (US Division)Robin Kausch
Lead Tester (US Division)Jack Kealy
Testers (US Divison)Tomasi Akimeta Jr., Oliver Daos, Christopher Charles, Jack Kealy
Diesel and Fujifilm logos used under license.

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