Prince of Persia Classic Screenshots

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Android version

Title Screen
Jaffar and the Princess
She has just 1 hour to decide
The story
Starting the game
Yeah, you can't defeat a guard without a sword
Each level has a map to make the game more friendly
Found the sword
Now I'll show you
Exiting the level
Level completed
This "Butterfly" helps navigate. Hey, we didn't need this back in 1989!
Fighting a guard
Walking carefully across the spikes
A slicer
Found an elixir
Practicing acrobatics before the fight
One of loading screen tips
One of those unforgiving jumps
We all remember this skeleton
Replay any level
Watch unlocked cutscenes in the Movie theater
Luxury of the upper palace
Checkpoint? We didn't need no checkpoints back in '89! (Well, it's not that we had any choice...)
That bastard stole my potion!
The guards in the upper palace wear better armor
A fierce fight
Do you recall that fat guard in level 6? Here he is replaced with a monster
A truly epic scene for games history
Prince is just showing off
Hope I timed it right
This potion will make light as feather
A bug? No. Just a screen-reversing potion.
Further on the guards wear armor and are equipped with shields
Bad luck Pop
Yeah, it's PoP's evil double
In this version Jaffar is a real wizard
Achievements screen
"Time Attack mode". Precious 60 minutes are ticking away...
Playing "Time attack mode", Level complete screen shoes the overall remaining time

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main menu
Fifty-nine minutes to go!
Clambering up a ledge.
Success! Found a sword!
Getting ready for a long leap.
A swordfight with one of the guards
Success, the exit door!
You'd want to be quick, wouldn't you?
The Prince can tiptoe through spikes.
Small red potions refill your health.
Get out of the way!
Another guard lies in wait.
Leaping across to a ledge.
A dead end, that's no good!
Carefully jumping across platforms.
Get up before the door closes!
Climbing down the ledges.
Doing battle with an undead skeleton
Ah, much nicer
Down we go.
Looking out onto Persia.
The Prince does a backflip.
They're speed holes, they make you go faster.
The Prince has gone to pieces.
A pleasant fountain
One of the tougher guards, with a shield!
Those holes in the floor don't look suspicious at all.
I'm hit!