24: The Game Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

In this game there's no scene setting animated sequence before the game's main menu.
The game's controls can be configured by the player, alternatively there are preset configurations to choose from
The 'Previously On 24' option from the main menu gives access to the save-games, a trailer and the credits
Each part of the game starts like an episode of the TV program.
Each episode starts with a cut scene with voice-over. This is the player's character
The first mission is a tutorial so helpful messages appear on-screen. Here it's just begun. Jack, the player, is on the dock and must board the ship
Jack has a PDA that supplies information and keeps track of the mission
Markers make sure Jack, aka the player, does not get lost
The yellow glowing area is a hot spot, a place where the tutorial mission teaches the player something. Here it's about using cover and aiming the weapons
This is how bad guys are targeted
This is the Load Game screen
There is also a full mission summary that's available in-game, in case the player literally loses the plot
Whenever there's a locked door the team are on hand to blow it open. Seems as if they like to closely observe their handiwork
Bodies can be searched
There's also body armor. This shows as an orange bar in the top left corner
The game uses split screens just as the TV series does
The objective was to locate the bomb and as soon as Jack enters the glowing location the mission is complete and the payer's score is shown
These are typical game stats, i.e. they are very average
Each mission is scored and contributes to the player's overall performance rating
Completing missions unlocks more content