TransFormers (PlayStation 2)

TransFormers Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Welcome to Autobot HQ
Select your Autobot... Here's Optimus Prime...
Prepare to save the Minicons and take on the Decepticlone army... Select your destination...
You have rescued a Minicon...
... Every Mini-Con you rescue allows you to access extra functions and use different weapons.
Equip your Autobot with Minicons.
A lovely view of the Amazon vista.
Energon... increases the Autobot's energy level.
A Light Unit Decepticlone guarding a Minicon...
... and a zoomed in view, using Recon mode.
Optimus recieves a HQ Comm from Red Alert.
You’ve retrieved a Data-Con. Good work. Information can be extracted from every Data-Con found...
Close up of Datacon.
Use vehicle mode to mow-down Decepticlone forces.
Optimus returning fire at a Spider Tank.
Hot Shot battling a Heavy Unit.
Hot Shot battling a Heavy Unit among the buildings of the Research Base in Antarctica.
Hot Shot taking on a load of Decepticlone units.
Linking with his Sidekick, Optimus is able to slow time and attack with more aggression.
Starscream taking flight during a battle with Hot Shot.
One of the Minicons... Energon Vision, allowing the Autobot to see the energon signature given off be Transformers and Decepticlone.
Red Alert... battling a group of Light Units while a Dropship brings in reinforcements for the Decepticlones.
Red Alert standing proud inside the Deep Amazon temple.
Hot Shot in vehicle form, jumping over the waterfall.
Optimus viewing the Aircraft Carrier in Mid Atlantic, defended by missiles and Jet Snipers.
Optimus on the deck of Tidal Wave.
Tidal Wave appearing in the distance, after transforming from his Aircraft Carrier state.
The gigantic Tidal Wave towers over Optimus and fires mortars from his chest.
Optimus moves to a better vantage point to take on Tidal Wave.
The hazardous cliffs of Pacific Island.
A decepticlone Dropship prepares to drop a group of Medium Units
Megatron in his tank form targets Optimus...
Megatron faces off with Optimus Prime.