Xenosaga: Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title / Main Menu
Opening cinematic, thousands of years before the actual game takes place
Dr. Masuda, shocked by the discovery
Shion and KOS-MOS in a virtual training world
Virtual tutorial will get you acquainted with the battle system
You can call up the menu to check on your characters when not in battle
Shion doing some gutsy move in the training arena
KOS-MOS utilizing highly devastating tech attack
Shion using final tech attack combo strike
These yellow floating shapes Shion's standing through are actual save points
Shion and Allan, two of the Vector's top scientists
Some of the badguys (and girls)
The villains have their own plans
Ziggy, an old cyborg model, infiltrated the enemy compound using stealth mode (note that you can blow up crates and such objects to gain useful items)
Shion running the corridors of a cargo ship
Ziggy and Momo (she's the one flying the ship, though)
Captain of the spaceship which KOS-MOS so handily took control over
When it's time for some serious thrills and stunts, the pilot's right there to comply
Heavy pursuit turned into fierce battle in hyperspace (a dangerous place to fight in)
Chaos, another one of those mysteriously powerful characters
What you'd expect to hear from every cute lolita anime characters
All the conversations with NPCs during ingame do not have voice-acting, but all the cinematics do and there's plenty of those in this game
A good strategy isn't only how to survive in battle, but how to avoid them as well
Instead of fighting moves during battle, you can play out some other ace up your sleeve if you have some ether points or useful item in the inventory
Enemy mech using laser beam attack against Ziggy
Some tech attacks have ability to strike upon multiple enemies at once
Ziggy using physical attack against a mech
Reading and replying to e-mails is as regular to this game as long cinematics are, which means quite often
Chaos using double strike against the droid
Victorious spin and a close-up on KOS-MOS after the battle
Ziggy, KOS-MOS and Chaos in a fierce boss battle
Very close-up on Momo during one of the cut-scenes
KOS-MOS is ready to fire the giant cannon from space
Special devastating attack
Escaping the explosion blast
Despite being extremely heavy, Shion is managing to pull KOS-MOS inside
KOS-MOS is enjoying the victorious view from atop the ship, but there are many more things to come before the story ends