Putt-Putt Joins the Parade Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Wake up to help Putt-Putt join the Parade!
Clicking on backgrounds has a lot of fun
Putt-Putt is learning what to do for joining the Parade
Overview of places Putt-Putt should go
Earn money by delivering gloceries...
...or mow lawns...
Help others and maybe get a balloon :)
Or persuade someone to come with you!
Then maybe a car washing, yeah, you are ready for the Parade!
Let's Go!
Fun to be in the parade!
Garages on Red Street and maybe the most ridiculous of those little details - a whole fruit parade!
While it's not necessary, Putt Putt can use some of his money to change his color (anyway, in real life there are almost no either purple or orange cars. The streets are so boring and monotonous...)
In front of the cinema
One of the beautiful sceneries in the game

Windows 3.x version

The title screen. Since Windows does not allow 320 x 200 or 640 x 400, the black bars are unfortunately part of this version.
The establishing shot of Putt-Putt's exterior.
Inside Putt-Putt's house. Here we learn about the Cartown Pet Parade.
"It's a swell day for a parade!" -- Putt-Putt
This version has a new overhauled and much more user-friendly pause menu.
Smokey informs us what we need for the parade while I accidentally time the screenshot incorrectly to get Putt-Putt blinking.
The main town square.
In the toy store, there's lots of things...
...like playing with puzzle cubes...
...having fun with an odd sort of pachinko/pinball/whatever machine...
...and joke telling animals.
Heading over to Blue Street to mow lawns.
Before we do that, we have to ask permission.
Mowing lawns.
Mrs. Airbag is distraught over her lost child in the movie theater.
Can you spot Baby Beep in this picture?
Preparing for a new paint job.
Why don't we paint him red today?
Getting gas.
At Mr. Baldini's, you can deliver groceries.