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Questron II

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As the second title in the Questron series, this game follows the same basic formula as the original. You start out as a lowly peasant with only a few gold coins in your pocket and a bad attitude to defend yourself. By stumbling around the countryside and fighting hordes of creatures, you gain wealth, experience, and title.

Questron II spans two continents, Landor and the Realm of Sorcerers. Additionally, there are the requisite tombs, castles, and dungeons. In the first Questron, your goal was to defeat the evil Wizard Mantor. Now, in Questron II, the good Wizard Mesron has sent you back in time before the Book of Magic was created. Your goal is to defeat the six Mad Sorcerers before they can create the book.


Questron II DOS End of dungeon. You need a special item here.
Questron II DOS My first encounter with Mantor, selecting the right for him among the wide variety of spells (4).
Questron II DOS In this game way, gambling is your way to fortune. (But not this game.) Is that didactic, I ask?
Questron II DOS Checking Inventory (EGA/Tandy)

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Questron II is a great 'light' rpg, very good for beginners DOS Yakumo (419)
Not an RPG: an action-adventure (without action and adventure) DOS General Error (4149)

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ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) Commodore 64 May, 1988 819 out of 1000 82
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) Atari ST Jun, 1989 540 out of 1000 54
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) Amiga Jun, 1989 540 out of 1000 54
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) Commodore 64 Jul, 1989 540 out of 1000 54
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) DOS Jun, 1989 540 out of 1000 54


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According to Joel Billings, founder of SSI, there were some legal problems during the game's development. For every game SSI published, including Questron, they reserved the rights to approve a sequel. The Dougherty brothers did sign up with Electronic Arts during the development of Questron II without submitting an offer sheet to SSI. So SSI sued Electronic Arts over the matter. In the end, SSI received the publishing rights for Question II and Electronic Arts got the rights for another unnamed game.
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