Raptor: Call of the Shadows Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu
Enter the shop, save the game, or fly the next mission
There's nothing money cannot buy
A typical boss
Another boss
Fixed turrets are no real threats
Some futuristic buildings along with a midlevel boss
If you position yourself correctly, you will take no damage from some bosses
Neat planes, neat explosions
Destroying ground targets like these is great fun!
Flying over nicely detailed platforms
Final boss of episode 1
Flying through canals
Flying over fields
This scene reminds the famous Amiga shoot'em up Silkworm IV
Flying over the leftovers of a city
Nicely detailed cityscape
Look closely and you'll find the Monolith dig site from 2001: A Space Odyssey in the Outer Regions
You can fly over this enormous tank without engaging it
Enter your name
Choose difficulty
Pair of enemies to destroy
A little mess
Land in hangar
Game over
ANSI art logo used in the "Online Edition" (downloadable) shareware installer.