Red Baron Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main Menu
Starting a new career. You can fight for either side.
Naming my pilot.
Career assignment.
Options menu for a career pilot.
In flight on the first mission.
External view of the plane.
Map of the front.
Crash landed!
If you survive, you will spend months in a hospital recovering.
You can use time compression on your missions when you are en route to your target.
Engaging the enemy in a patrol along the front.
Got one!
But victory turns to defeat as I am shot down.
Killed in action.
Mission debriefing.
You can choose to face off against the most famous aces of World War I.

DOS version

A Career
Your Score
Next Mission
Your Esquadron
You Crash - Finish !
You Are In the News !
You Destroy an Enemy
A German Airplane
An Alied Airplane
A German Ace (Red Baron)
An Alied Ace
Saved Battle
Saved Battle
Title screen (EGA)
The main menu (EGA)
Trying to take out a zeppelin (EGA)
Dogfight a famous ace! (EGA)
You have been shot down! (EGA)
Title screen (MCGA)
The main menu (MCGA)
Flying a mission (MCGA)
You've crashed! (MCGA)