The Running Man Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Beware of the dog !
New York, New York...
Digitalized pictures from the movie
Ready to fight !

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Legal bit
The slowly walking man in the seemingly-unskippable intro
Intro shot
High scores
Main menu, if you can call it that
Game start
Being jumped upon

Atari ST version

First boss
Loading screen.
Scenes from the film.
Scrolling title.
Down the chute you go.
Title screen.
Let's go.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
The running man animation.
Intro cutscene.
Instructions menu.
Here it all begins.
The governor of California on some strange position.
Arnie jumping over some platforms.
Your very first stalker, Sub-Zero (no, not that one from Mortal Kombat).
They seem really engaged in combat!
Arnold posing to a picture with his trophy.
The satellite link minigame.
Who said advertising in games is a new thing?
Caveman finds a club.
A med kit.
Humm, I guess it is too late for being stealthy, Arnold, the guy already saw you.
Arnold against the second stalker, Buzz-saw.
And you're dead.
The hall of fame.

MSX version

Title screen and main menu
The high scores
Stage 1 is loading.
Starting out.
Watch the gaps.

ZX Spectrum version

This game has a long load sequence starting with this screen.
Then there's a couple of screens one about the release of the film, another about upcoming Grandstand games. These are followed by an animated title sequence.
Then there's another animated sequence showing Arnie being inserted into the game area. This is followed by another game load period...
... which ends with the games high score table ...
... until finally the game menu is displayed
Finally the game starts. Arnie must move quickly before a guard dog comes along. Level 1 is the Ice Rink level
Jumping is different to most games as Arnie jumps both up and forward so he cannot start a jump too close to the platform
The hockey player will drop Arnie but so will the puck
Being knocked down is a pain because the enemies tend to run back just as Arnie is getting up and knock him down again before the player can react
Even when Arnie knocks hockey man down he's up in a trice and attacking from behind
Got the attack dog but hockey man did it again