Scud: The Disposable Assassin Credits


SCUD The Disposable Assassin Comic Book Created byRob Schrab
Developed BySyrox Developments Ltd.
ProgrammingRob Brooks, Mark Gordon, Philip Harvey, Dominic Wood
GraphicsEric Bailey, Jon Green, Mark Knowles, Kevin McMahon, Derek Poon, Colin Robinson, Fai Tao
Cinematic Technical AssistanceJames Dobson
Conceptual Storyboard ArtistGreg Becksted
Addtional SoundTristan des Prés
Musical TalentsDJR/IB3 Ltd., Figet‑X, Unbelievable Jelly Machine
All voices recorded atThe Womb
Voice MasteringTom Muschitz
Voice TalentsRyann Liebl, Dan Harmon, Rob Schrab, Sean Makamna
Game Design BySyrox Developments Ltd., Bill Person, Michael Latham
Marketing ManagerGreg Chiemingo
Press RelationsErik Wahlberg, Access Communications
Lead TesterJeffrey L. Loney
Assistant Lead TestersMark McCunney, Ferdinand Villar, Joseph M. Damon, Christian Escobar, Fred Selker
TestersRandy Blake, Carl Street, Grant D. Luke, Anthony Lynch, Jason Denis, Brent Costa, Nicolas J. Azizian, Chris Lamanet, Don Carmichael, Lancelot Nelson, Rick Greer, Dennis Lee, Peter Young, Michael Dobbins, Abraham Navarro, Todd Slepian, Matthew Ironside, Andrew Byrne, Andrew Woodworth, Benny Malto, Michael Usi, Josh Simpson, Rosa Estrada Villa, Jason Phiilyaw
Special ThanksJoyce Takakura, Larry Loth, Jef Feltman, Janine Cook, Willie Mancero, Omega On‑Line, Sega of America Test Dept., Gordon Lyon, Access Communications, Fireman Press, Dead Alewives, Seth Gerson, Shinobu Toyoda, Mike Zukerman, Gery Griffiths, Mii‑san, Robert L. Hylands, Anthony Mack, Ed A. Hollingshead, Thomas Szirtes, Eric Ameres, John Gabriel

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21127)