Shado Fighter Screenshots

User Screenshots

ExEn version

Splashscreen (version ExEn)
Elena and Pao fighting together (version ExEn)
Toki and Wang in front of Chinese background (version ExEn)
Mega and Wang in Thailand. Color of opponents can change if you do a special selection on selection screen (version ExEn)

J2ME version

Splashscreen (Motorola V3 version)
Main menu with all the game modes available (Motorola V3 version)
Character selection menu, the ? is the hidden character Shado which will unlocked when you defeat him with all the other characters (Motorola V3 version)
Shun and Tyron in Tyron's background (Motorola V3 version)
Toki and Mega in Toki's Background, you can throw weapons and fireballs to your enemy. Combos are also possible (Motorola V3 version)
Tyron and Proto in Proto's background in Russia (Motorola V3 version)