Sid Meier's Covert Action Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Choose Max or Maxine.
Choose your skills for your agent.
Your boss gives you a mission.
Copy protection.
Disk change requestor.
CIA building.
Your secretary.
Intelligence branch.
Cryto branch.
Choose where you want to go next in the city.
A building believed to be the local HQ of a terrorist group.
Getting ready to set a wire tap.
Connect the circuits to set up the wire tap.
Someone is leaving the building...
Setting up a tracking device on a car.
Breaking in.
Choose your gear for your break in.
Breaking into a building.
A suspect is in this room.
Not enough evidence for an arrest.
Airport map. Choose where you want to go next.
Paris, France.
News flash.
Terrorist run office building.
Choose your car for the chase.
Car Chase - trailing a suspect.

DOS version

Covert ActionTitle Screen
Man or Woman?
You can increase your skill in one or more areas. A high skill will make in-game tasks easier.
The boss
Can you cut it as 007?
Welcome to the Company.
Search for the mole
Man on the town
nah... lets break in
Man on a mission
Elvis has left the building
Select the car you want to use to track the bad guys.
A suspicious looking character has gotten into a car and is driving away. Perhaps you can follow him and find out where he's going...
A s33kr1t message!
The wiretap interface. Switch the chips around to cut the power to the phones while not activating the alarms.
Looks like something might be up at the KGB office. Or maybe they just know you're coming...
Interrogating a suspect
Covert agents aren't ashamed to go riffling through all the files and plant bugs inside furniture
Every clue collected can put together the puzzle of a larger case
Each city has a variety of places that can be investigated, based on the best available intelligence. The CIA and MI6 maintain a branch office at every city in the game.
Successful Spies get promotions up the double-oh ranks
The dossier of special agent INNKEEPER
The stories of a secret agent can only be gossiped to secretaries with a clearence level of AA or above.
An enemy agent is sent to jail.
A Stasi Safe House.
Getting patched up by a doctor after getting shot.