SimCity 2000 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen. (Hi Res AGA)
Starting a new city. (Hi Res AGA)
The newspaper keeps you informed of what's going in your city and in the world. (Hi Res AGA)
Building some roads. (Hi Res AGA)
One of the built in cities - Maxis Land. (Hi Res AGA)
Zoomed up on the city. (Hi Res AGA)
The annual budget. (Hi Res AGA)

DOS version

Title Screen
Happy Land Overview
Lake Land - Zoomed View
A giant monster causing terror and destruction in Hollywood
Terrain editor
Start of a new city
Humble beginnings
End-of-year report
Reading a newspaper
A helpful map
Some charts
Population graph
Industry statistics
Peeking underground
Clean after fire
Solar energy - ecologic
Wind mills and prison
Fail :(
New city begins own life
Water expansion
Pipes system
Power plant is gone
Health is important - two hospital
Industrial district
Earthquake. Fire and troubles appears.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Scenario selection
Starting with a barren wasteland
Creating a new city
Mobypolis is there!
First steps
Financial situation
The city grows...
Zooming in a on a large city
Try to expand this pitiful town
Some cities are huge
A monster is attacking Hollywood!
Oakland is on fire

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen / Main menu.
A new city
There are four different maps you can play on.
The game has three difficulty levels.
One of the first thing you must do is build a power plant.
Placing a residential zone.
A thriving city.
City ordinances window.
Building a mayor's house.
Residential areas need schools.
Reduce taxes to attract more people to your city.
Police coverage is low.
Dispatching fire units.
Four scenarios are available.
The city is under attack!

Macintosh version

A thriving city
Newly constructed residential and commercial zones waiting for settlement

PlayStation version

Title screen
Loading screen
Game start
Police station details
Air crash

SEGA Saturn version

Planting trees in a fire
Pause menu
Hurricane coming
An unpowered park!

SNES version

Title Screen
An wide view of a developed city
A monster attacks
Close-up view. A church slipped into a game on a Nintendo system.
Close-up. That's a library in the center.