The Adventures of Batman & Robin Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
First Level Title Screen
Talking With Your Butler
Equipment Select Screen
Enemies Break Through The Glass
Fighting The Bad Guys
A Mysterious Archway
A new breed of toy soldier
Batman repels the Joker's bomb attack.
Don't mess with my forest.
Feed me, Seymour!
Spotting bombs with the flashlight.
Rescuing hostages.
Whopper chopper.
Fancy a cat fight?
Rooftop escapade.
The game's token Batmobile stage.
Dangerous pursuit.
Being held by mad civilians.
Quick, the Batplane awaits!
Swinging in Gotham.
Chaos inside zeppelin.
Now you're gonna get it, Bat-style!
The Riddler challenges Batman.
I'm Batman!
Secrets in cyberspace.
A different kind of chess.
Virtual Riddler relentlessly attacks Batman.
Who knew playing with clay could be so hazardous?