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Looks like you've got yourself a new dog.
Plowing is hard work, but you can't grow any vegetables without good soil to plant them in.
The life of a farmer: Planting seeds on newly plowed soil.
Each morning wake up and eat breakfast for stamina.
Watch the local news for weather forecasts...unlike the real world, the weather forcast here is alway right.
Take you puppy out for a walk, doesn't he look cute?
Sometimes while plowing, you'll find a mole challenging death at the edge of your plow. Put him somewhere else where he can dig safely.
Chopping wood helps clear up space as well as adding building materials for either a new fence or for a house extension.
Sooner or later, you'll need more land to plant your growing crops. Building fences helps to border your territory.
That boulder seems to be in the way of future development, time to remove it into oblivion!
Sometimes plowing will unearth valuable items. In this case you've found some money...while discoveries varies, plowing everything in sight maybe a good idea...just in case.
Remember to always water your crops everyday, otherwise they won't grow as fast which results in a late harvest.
Turnip harvest! When the leaves grow large enough, it means you can harvest your crops. Harvest=Money.
After a hard day's work at the ranch, spend some time after hours at the local tavern for info.
A rainy day is good for the crops. You don't have to water any crops when it rains, but remember to keep your livestock out of the rain or else they'll get sick.
Want seafood? (er...pond food?) Visit your local pond and fish the day away! If your lucky.
Every 23rd of Spring, the town celebrates the Flower Festival.
Let's dance!
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