Top Gear 2 Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
The country selection screen allows you to continue a previous game
The password system. Insert the correct sequence and go race!
This mode select screen adjust your preferences to the race.
Select your car color and other parts in this menu. Total customization!
The pilot will say this and other phrases when boost will be gone off.
Depending of the position, more money you acquire. Good luck, driver!
This table shows the best qualified pilots.
Other challenging race is close to start!
Declivities are excellent places to get a good speed increase.
You can get nitro on some tracks, only find some squares with a "N" in the center and pass over it.
Finishing in the 1st position: the exact moment!
A brief course status is displayed in this screen, that is full of information
If the player crashes in some obstacle using high speed, the car will spin!
Want a easy money? Then collect an certain square with a yellow "$" in the center!
Try avoid these wooden bricks: it will decrease a lot of your speed.
Collect a square shaped plate with a red "S" and gain some seconds of crescent speed.