Snooper Troops Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

The story so far...
Title screen.
Choose your agent.
Snoop office terminal.
Choose a suspect to look up.
My car outside the Snoop Office.
Crashed my car!
Off to the garage!
Making a phone call.
Stopping at a house.
You need to supply your snoop number before people will talk.
Sneaking into a house to look for clues!
In a basement looking for clues!

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
On the terminal
Ready to roam the streets
In front of a house
Gathering clues inside
Gathering clues by more conventional methods at another house

Commodore 64 version

Your new case.
Title Screen.
Gathering info on your terminal.
The neighbourhood.
Receiving a message on your wrist radio.
A generic house.
Questioning a suspect.
Sneaking into a suspect's basement to look for clues.
Making a phone call.

DOS version

Title Screen
Is this your first day on the case?
Radio Alert!
At the office
On patrol
At a house
What is your Snoop license number?
Wrist Radio Message.
Snoop Office - Checking the files on the suspects.
Crashed my car!
Making a phone call.