Spring Bonus Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Loading screen
Title and main menu
The map
The between level loading screen
Level 1
Well Done
Level 2
Bubbles, when tapped, will clear all the squares next to them but will not clear panes of ice.
Level 3 and we already start with 2 bubbles.
We have filled up the bonus booster. Now the next bonus we use will have three times the power.
The bird bonus (bottom right) will clear an entire horizontal row but will not affect ice.
On this level, we have to remove panes of ice.
The cloud bonus will clear an entire vertical column but not the ice.
This level has 2 goals to complete.
On this level, you have to collect golden eggs by getting them to the bottom of the board.
I can't play father unless I pay money for more levels.

Windows version

Loading screen
"Spring is here, spring is here! Life is skittles and life is beer!"
The game map fills in as you go.
Level 1
I matched three.
Well done
Level 1 complete
The background image that you can set as wallpaper.
Level 2
A bonus item, a bubble. Match four or more items to get a bonus item.
The bubble clears the items from all the next-door tiles.
Level 3
The birds clear an entire horizontal row.
If you fill the rainbow, the bonuses are extra powerful for one shot.
A level with ice. You must make matches over it to melt it.
A boosted bird bonus clears three horizontal rows, but not the ice.
A boosted bubble clears out farther.
A new background.
Thunderclouds clear an entire vertical column but not the ice.
A boosted thundercloud clears three vertical columns.
At level 6, you have two goals to complete.
At level 7, you must make matches to make golden eggs drop off the playing field.
Level 9 has sunshine that clears the ice from all the next-door tiles.
Another background.
An ice cube won't let the item under it move. Clear it by matching the trapped item or using a bonus.
Starting at level 11, you get a hammer that lets you clear one ice cube.
Level 13 has a neat tri-level design.
Starting at level 14, you get the magnifying glass that lets you melt the ice of one tile, anywhere on the board. It does nothing to ice cubes, however.
The shamrocks clear the items in four diagonal directions. Four diagonal and four vertical/horizontal directions when boosted.
My, level 16 gives you a chilly reception!
Starting at level 17, you get snow. Snow must be melted before you melt the ice. Unlike ice cubes, you can move the items in snow. Remove snow by matches or some bonuses.
Still another background.
Time ran out in timed mode.