Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Take over the enemy's territories on the map.
Choose from a number of characters.
In Historical Campaign, make your way from battle to battle that follow the storyline of the Star Wars movies.
Intros to the Historical Campaign battles show real scenes from the movies to aide in the storyline.
Complete certain levels in the Historical Campaign to unlock concept artwork.
In Galactic Quest, try and take over all the planets.
The Snow Trooper is minuscule compared to the massive AT-AT.
Make sure no one is trying to take over your base.
Drive any vehicle you want, including the AT-ATs.
Ride a Tauntaun to get around easily and quickly.
In the secondary position in the Snowspeeder, harpoon with the tow cable to wrap up the legs of an AT-AT. Make sure you have a pilot though!
When having a pilot character, vehicles you are operating automatically regenerate health.
A view of an AT-ST ready to be piloted.
The AT-ST is a great machine to do damage in.
This Scout Trooper rides through the trees of Endor on a Speeder Bike.
The Droideka can deliver some serious firepower.
There are lots of vehicles in this game, like this Fighter Tank.
Watch out for the Sarlaac. It will eat you up if you travel too closely.
Givin' it to a Tusken Raider.
Running down a hallway.
Certain characters have special features, such as this jet pack.
A Battle Droid is about to enter the large Homing Spider Droid.
Destruction is everywhere.
The Republic Attack Gunship has a lot of weapons and can hold a number of troops.
The AT-TE may be slow, but it can take some damage as well as deliver some.
Vehicles that get blown up will eventually respawn.
A number of troops looking for trouble.
Take some of this!
Who can resist flying the infamous TIE Fighter?
The TIE Bomber is taking a few hits.
A Y-Wing ready to get in the air.
A variety of stationary weapons also appear on each board.
The X-Wing about to do some damage.
Darth Vador slicing someone in half.

Star Wars: Battlefront Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Inside a vehicle
Cutscene from city
Harrison Ford looking surprised.
Mission information screen
Troops attacking
On a roof
Taking damage.
Main title
Two shield generators covering enemy units.
Statue of a face
Campaign selection
Controlling walkers gun turret.
Controlling walkers main guns.
Targeting enemy space craft.
Flying a transporter.
Those famous two words.
Classic scrolling storyline
You can select from four different type of characters.
Watch out, that looks nasty.
One of the vehicles you can use.
Capturing enemy checkpoint.