Street Fighter Alpha 2 Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Character select screen
Akuma vs Zangief
Akuma's angry hits
Zangief use wrestling technique
Rolento vs Chun Li
Moves from Final Fight
Air Kick
Dan - "lamest warrior ever"
Ok, he does something
Adon - Sagat's student
Super Combo Finish
Old Master (and assasin) Gen
Rolento and birdie - air duel
Ken Master - main hero (with Ryu)
Main Enemy - Mr. Bison
Hello, I',m here! Don't ignore Mr. Bison!
Personal enemy - Guy
Rolentp's outro
Game Over
Dan hits Gen. Curious... :D
Dan can into Super Combo Finish
Kick in balls
Rolento's stage - big lift from Final Fight industry zone
Sakura's spinning kick
-I'burning! -Wallow on the ground!
Ken vs Rose
Rose's special technique
Ken miss with Super Combo

PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese version).
Character selection
VS screen
The first match begins and Dhalsim attacks Gen with some burning-flaming hits of his Yoga Inferno.
In his close move Kamitsuki, Zangief attacks the opponent with some bloody bites.
A simultaneous-clashing-attack involving both Sodom's Jigoku Scrape and Rose's Soul Spiral moves.
Meanwhile, Dan Hibiki is feeling the head-stunning impact of Birdie's Super Combo multiple hits...
Training Mode session with Vega (M. Bison) connecting 5 hits of his Psycho Crusher in Gouki (Akuma).
Chun-Li is about to defeat Sodom with the strength of her Kikou Shou (Level 3): will she get?
After some time, Rolento finds a chance to connect 10 hits of his Patriot Circle move in Chun-Li.
Ryu strikes back Rose with the single hit of his classical-ground-launching Shoryuken move.
Sakura Kasugano takes advantage of her Shou'ou Ken move and connects 6 non-stop hits in Birdie.
Gen's Shitenshuu Super Combo in progress against Sakura Kasugano.
Assisted by one of his soldiers, Rolento executes his 'Take No Prisoner' Super Combo in Adon.
Post-match screen.
Adon connecting successfully his elbow-based move Jaguar Crunch in Guy.
Nash (Charlie) attacks Sagat with the fast-speed-slashing-action of his Flash Kick move.
End result: Rose wins the match against Nash (Charlie) with a perfect-time-over victory!
Sodom shows a lot of his strength to Zangief through his Super Combo Ten Chuu Satsu.
Zangief's Banishing Flat move is about to annul Ryu's just-launched Hadouken!
After a smashing fight against Nash (Charlie), Gouki (Akuma) finishes him with his Shun Goku Satsu.
Meanwhile, Ken Masters loses a lot of his energy with Rose's Soul Drain move...
Sagat grabs Ryu by the head: now, he is about to execute his next attack!
Ken Masters finishing Rolento with the non-stop hits of his Super Combo Shinryuken.
Before to be damaged by Vega (M. Bison)'s Psycho Shot, Rose injuries him with her Sliding move.
The impact caused by Chun-Li's taunt attack and Rose's strong punch went too much for both!
Knockout: Birdie wins the battle against Chun-Li counterattacking her with his Bull Head move!
With the 6 hits of Adon's super combo Jaguar Assault (Level 3), Sodom goes to the heights!
Rolento striking back Sakura with the multi-grenade-based strength of his super combo Mine Sweeper.
Using his teleporting move Ashura Senkuu, Gouki (Akuma) moves quickly to attack a dizzied Birdie.

SNES version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Character selection.
Before beginning any counterattacks, Guy must have some blocking-priority with Birdie's Bull Horn...
In a certain moment, Rose tries to attack Rolento using her Strong Punch, but he is out of range...
Dhalsim attacks with his Yoga Fire, but M. Bison was sufficiently fast to "counter-attackick" him!!!
Through his projectile-based move Hadou Ken, Ryu is about to stop Katana's (Sodom's) Jigoku Scrape.
Taking advantage of Chun-Li's open guard, Ken hits her through his kickin' move Inazuma Kakato Wari.
Birdie gets to grab Ryu and now unleashes the full strength of his stomping move Murderer Chain!
Through her taunt move, Chun-Li causes a bit of damage in Sagat. But this is just the beginning...
Nash (Charlie) caught by Zangief's closing move Kamitsuki: he wasn't ready for some bloody bites...
Through his throwing move Deadly Package, Rolento could inflict some "explosive" damage in Gen...
Ken Masters tries to hit-attack Sagat, but he's suddenly stopped by his knee-based move Tiger Crush.
Now, Adon jumps back to escape from Dan Hibiki's next "attack": an inoffensive Kuuchuu Chouhatsu...
Post-match screen.
Birdie's move fails: then, it's time to Dan Hibiki counterattack him with his Shin Kuu Gadou Ken!
Dan Hibiki's counterattack failed: it's the moment to M. Bison attack with his Knee Press Nightmare!
Demonstrative match: Chun-Li is about to damage Adon through her Super Combo Kikou Shou...
Trying to use a bit of accuracy, Charlie jumps to escape (or try to escape) from Sagat's Tiger Shot.
Sakura Kasugano and Ken Masters executing their kick moves at the same time: who will be overcome?
Introduction frame: a mix of old-school fighters and newcomers...
Chun-Li's non-stopping leg move Hyakuretsu Kyaku in simultaneity with Zangief's move Banishing Flat.
Charlie smashing Guy with the amount of non-stop strength caused by his Super Combo Sonic Break!
Guy starts a counterattack over Akuma, and through his grabbing move Bushin Izuna Otoshi, he gets.
Finally, after long battle seconds, Chun-Li gets to finish off Rose with her Super Combo Kikou Shou!
Thanks to a very-well made Zero (Alpha) Counter, Sodom is about to strike back Adon's Jaguar Kick...
Dhalsim damaged by a spinning-punch hit: and Zangief executes successfully his Double Lariat move!
Thanks to the Tech. Bonus command made by M. Bison, Akuma's throwing move won't be so effective...
After a time-over win, Birdie moves to the next match (victory pose only seen in the Japanese game)!
Zangief executes a sweep at the same time that Ryu attacks using his Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.

Windows version

A scene from the animated sequence as the game loads
The initial high score table
The main game menu
The game configuration screen
This is the player selection screen, it's pretty much the same for all modes of play
This is the set up screen for a 'VS' match
This is the setup for a Training match
The controls for each player can be customised
Before a match starts both players are shown against the background that represents the fight location
After selecting a single player Vs match, or any other kind of match, from the main menu the game has to do a bit more loading
The single player character selection screen
The first opponent will be in India
Before a match starts both players are shown against the background that represents the fight location
All matches take place against an animated background. There are some nice touches like the guy on the left sleeping while resting against the elephant.
Bonuses are scored for attacks & combinations
When a strike hits home it really hits home.
This is not how it was supposed to end
Round 2 and the computer opponent is already using special moves. This guy blows fireballs
Is this a special move or is the computer just cheating?
Elastic limbs and the guy can turn invisible! The computer mus be cheating.
The end of the match reveals the bonus points.
No match is truly over until the final comment, often an insult, has been made
The next match is in the USA
This is the opponent
The second fight is underway
Another battle, another victory
In between fights the player gets a repeat of the 'Now Loading' screen. That is replaced by a black screen which splits open in a Zee shape to reveal the next battle area beyond
Even the school girls have super powers
The computer won that one ...
Since the player lost they get to decide whether hey want to continue or whether they want to start again
If the player chooses not to continue it's Game Over. The players initials can be entered here if their score is high enough. Then the Hi-Score table is displayed followed by the menu

Official Screenshots

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