Su-27 Flanker Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Loading screen
The map. From here you can choose your missions and view enemy positions.
Ready for take-off at night
The mission designer
This is no good. I am climbing too fast!
The normal cockpit view
Several external cameras can be used.
Looking down at the instruments. Can you read Russian?
I am hot on the tail of an enemy plane.
Fully illuminated instrument panel
On the runway with flaps and airbrake extended.
Departing the airfield.
Vapor trails appear during high-g turns.
Highly detailed mobile SAM launcher
Mobile radar station
A pair of Mig-27 Floggers taking off.
A Mig-29 in flight
Mig-29 going down in flames!
A couple of SU-24 airplanes
An SU-25 taking damage.
A Tupolev-142 Bear taking off.

Windows version

An airfield at dusk with clouds
This MiG-23 is toast! Squadron Commander's Edition.
Taking out an Su-25 with the cannon.
Padlocked onto a target in helmet mode.
Enemy airfield destroyed. Radar in ground attack mode.
Making a clean getaway.
Enemy anti-aircraft guarding a fleet of vehicles.
What you'll see if you're not careful!
Enabling Gouraud shading smooths things out.
Ships are incredibly detailed, right down to the lifeboats.
A Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missile is about to make mincemeat of this tanker.
Buzzing a harbor just before dawn. Note the railroad cars on the bottom right.
Executing Pugachev's famous Cobra maneuver with wingtip smoke activated.

Official Screenshots

  • Su-27 Flanker Screenshot
    SSI website, 1996
  • Su-27 Flanker Screenshot
    SSI website, 1996