Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Page two of the tutorial.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Iggy's causing trouble
Title Screen
Choose a Remake Game
One or Two Mario Brothers?
Welcome to Grass Land
Died Already?
The Not So Secret Room
Stage Complete
Sliding Down a Hill
Toad's House to Get a Power-up
Item Select
Underground Mario

Super Mario Bros. 3 Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Starting the game
Spitting plant
Completing a level
World map
This winged thingy is dancing to the music
Koopa Troopa
Throwing boomerangs? That's not nice
Red kappa on top of the structure
Bonus level
A nasty scrolling level with falling bridges
Choose your star
Boss level: castle
Nice skeleton
Run quickly, or those teeth will close on you
First Level
World 1-3
Welcome to Warp Zone
World 8 - first autoscroller
Mini castle - World 8
Bowsers castle, world 8