SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Player select
Before battle...
Standard talking
Spinning kick
Claws slash
Just threats
Sword in hand-to-hand combat. Quite unfair.
Another character with weapon
Right in face!
Farts gas
Happy Choi
Sonic Boom!
Dan - selfparody
Air duel

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
A simple main menu.
"How To Play" screen part 1: control layout and the first basic command.
"How To Play" screen part 2 (and final): learning the last commands that you'll need later.
Select your fighter: a good and world-famous cast are totally available for you!
Before each battle, the fighters will have a little dialogue.
Ryu's Shinkuu Hadou Ken was blocked by Vega: bad luck to the shotokan fighter... :-(
Terry Bogard doing its Buster Wolf in his alter-ego.
Taking advantage of his flaming Shouryuu Reppa, Ken Masters shows to Shiki who's the best!
With her powerful legs, Chun-Li makes of its super move Houyoku Sen a lethal weapon!
Mr. Karate's Kyokugen Kohou vs Shiki's Tenma Hajun: which Super Deadly Move will be superior? It's only a luck question...
Using a precise timing, you can able to counter M. Bison's Psycho Crusher with Mai's sweep.
Vega was seriously burned by Final Psycho Crusher and now the match is totally favorable to M. Bison.
Is there some alternative to avoid Kasumi's Chou Kasane Ate, Iori? Only blocking it!
Victory screen.
Sagat's Tiger Cannon striking Akuma: any similarities with Rugal's Kaiser Wave will be mere coincidence... ;-D
Earthquake have some help from two little bad guys in his Exceed Fat Carnival.
The super move Ura 306 Shiki: Saika shows Iori Yagami in another moment of madness... :-\
Chun-Li's Tenshou Kyaku continues up-to-date.
Mai's Kachou Sen meets Genjyuro's Sanren Satsu.
The human-demon Akuma does his classic, dangerous and redesigned Raging Demon.
Demitri's super move Midnight Bliss.
Zero's pals making a little assist in his Exceed Cyber Elf Force.
Tessa applies her Exceed Meteor Fall in Choi: the clawed-little-guy found a big trouble!
In the "H" hour, Violent Ken does his teleport move to escape from Ryo's Ko'ou Ken.
The exact moment where Orochi Iori's Dark Thrust makes a counter in Mai's Sayo Chidori.
Can you escape from this Exceed? Shin Akuma's Misogi is a high-damage threat... :-O
Serious Mr. Karate launches his "projectile" Ko'ou Ken '02 in Choi, but the little guy made a successful defense.
A tough, burning match: Kyo uses his power to defeat Red Arremer and accomplices in Netherworld.
Orochi Iori is an intruder in the Heaven and Athena will protect this sacred place at all costs!