Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Screenshots

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Amiga version

Choose your turtle
Stage 1
The Foot Soldiers
One of them has been killed by Michaelangelo
Watch out for the bowling ball
Michaelangelo is down on his luck
A droid gives him the shock of his life
April is trapped in an office engulfed with fire
Pizza Time
Stage 2
Being hit by a boomerang
About to be run over by a woman skateboarding
The sewer
Baxter Stockman
The car yard
April is behind the cage
On the streets
The Foot Clan is attempting throw heavy tires at Michaelangelo
Inside a factory
A set of lasers block Mikey's way

Amstrad CPC version

Turtle Selection
Scene 1
The "Hurry" sign appears
Watch out for the bomb
Fire in the elevator
Donatello encounters some droids
April O' Neil looks safe from the fire on the ceiling
Say hello to Rocksteady
Donatello is hurt
Scene 2
Pizza time
Say hello to Bebop
Fighting in the sewer
Say hello to Baxter Stockman

Arcade version

Title screen
Character selection
Game story
Stage introduction screen
Leonardo in action
Three enamies, knife included
Rotating attack from above
Rocksteady & April O'Neil
Shredder took April
Six on one, high katana attack
Pizza - energy power up
High kick in the face
Bebop with his sonic gun
Down to the sewers
Robodog biting the hand
Avoiding missiles
Baxter Stockman
Power fist attack
Fire weapon recoil
Rocksteady & Bebop
TMNT vehicle
Gratitude of April
Tying robot
Car accident
Two players mode
Chase on skateboards
End of the trip
Stage 4 burned by the laser
Three players mode - Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael
Last stage - search for technodrome
Avoiding lasers
Trapped in the electric chain
Turning into ice cube
Moving platform and the falling balls
General Traag
Last fight with Shredder

Atari ST version

Character selection screen
The story begins...
Turtles comes to the rescue
Safely landed on the roof
You have to rescue April from the flames
Here is April, but you have to defeat Rocksteady to rescue her
Oh no! Shredder has captured April
You have to chase him
You have to go to the sewers
sewers boss
Is this a trap?
You have to find out
There is April, but you have to defeat Rocksteady
You have to face Bebop as well
Finally April is safe
Now you have to find an evil factory
In the factory
another boss - nasty flying robots
Oh no! they capture our master
Watch out for boss robot with flamethrower
Your master is safe
Now you have to destroy the evil technodrome
The steering room is guarded by boss robot
At the end you have to defeat Krang
OK, now the Shredder - the last bad guy
Final cut scene - Technodrome just before explosion

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (European version)
Credits (European version)
Choose your turtle (European version)
Scene 1 (European version)
Fighting Foot Clan ninjas (European version)
More ninjas (European version)
Found April! Now, let's get rid of these guys! (European version)
Boss battle (European version)
Bogus! I lost my last life (European version)
Title screen (U. S. version)
Title screen part 2 (U. S. version)

DOS version

Intro: The four turtles rush to rescue April from the burning house.
Choose your warrior.
Stage 1: Michelangelo fights off Foot Clan warriors in the burning house.
Stage 1 boss: Rocksteady gets kicked across the room.
Stage 2: Raphael and Leonardo kick some Foot Clan butt in the streets.
Stage 2 boss: The two ninjas trash Bebop.
Shredder and his two goons abduct April (again)!
Stage 3: Foot Clan soldiers with huge hammers attack in the sewers.
Stage 3 boss: Krang explodes after a few swift kicks.
Happy end? April is safe, but now the Foot Clan has kidnapped Splinter!
Stage 4: Raphael and Leonardo advance towards the factory.
Some more kicking and punching.
Whoa, lasers!
Donatello and Michelangelo storm into the factory.
Level 4 boss: The ninja turtles have to recue Splinter.
On to the Technodrome!
Stage 5: Fighting laser turrets inside the Technodrome.
Another mid-boss blocks the way to Shredder.
The final battle?
No, this is the final battle: three incarnations of Shredder.
Small robots
Shredder's first appear
Scene 2
Shredder in TV
Another type of robots
Guys with spears
Legalities (Tandy)
Choosing our turtle warrior (Tandy)
Intro (Tandy)
Fighting our way through stage 1 (Tandy)

NES version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen (European version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
Turtles on their way to save April.
Only Michaelangelo falls.
Graphics were amazing for the time, and similar to the Arcade version (with NES limitations, of course).
Raphael against Foot Clan soldiers. You have to beat hundreds and hundreds of Foot Clan soldiers.
Rocksteady, the first boss
The Turtles take it to the street, while April cries out for help on the TV
Pizza Hut product placement
Bebop boss
Taking in to the sewers in level 3
Level 3 boss
Cut scene in between levels
New York has frozen over in level 4
Watch out for the plow
Killer snowmen
Mutant rat boss
A truckload of Foot (soldiers)
Baxter, the mutant fly, must be defeated to save April
On the road
Gangsta Foot, rolling in their drop
Biker Foot
The high-speed skateboarding section
Take down the boss to rescue Master Splinter
Watch the floor spikes in this high rise with a view
Paper tigers on the wall materialize into physical, killer tigers
Taking on the Samurai
Final level: Krang's underground fortress
Watch for the giant, falling balls
Krang, without body, greatly overestimating his ability
Facing the Shredder(s)

Xbox 360 version

Main menu
This foot soldier can hurl shuriken at you.
More foot soldiers in April's apartment!
Uh oh - it's Rocksteady!
Shredder has kidnapped April!
The Villain Cooking Channel
Windows has been known to crash.
There were Foot Soldiers hiding behind that billboard the whole time!
Bebop celebrates his brief success.
Exploring the sewers.
Pre-fly Baxter Stockman attacks with more Mousers.
I guess Shredder must really like the news.
"My toes!"
The terrible twos
Looking at this eighteen years later, this is all kinds of wrong.
A flying Foot!
This is impossible.
Oh no, wait - THIS is impossible.
Compulsory skateboard level
Whack the barrels and they go 'boom' after a short while.
Watch out for this guy's flamethrower!
The Technodrome!
Don't touch these.
Or that.
Or those.
And definitely not him.
The (self-proclaimed) Invincible Krang.
What's worse than one Shredder? Two!

ZX Spectrum version

That 'read a number written in black on brown paper' copy-protection
Loading screen.
Choose your Turtle.
Save april.