Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft Screenshots

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PlayStation version

One of the new moves of this game is ducking to pass through below.
Intro in Antarctica.
The drilling team finds some mysterious ruins...
Title screen
Main menu
Laura's house returns.
A little redecorating since TR2.
An indoor gym course acts as a tutorial.
Laura hits the jungles
Lots of hoppy-jumpy-shooty exploring to do.
Cutscenes now take place in-engine.
Close up on the Laura model.
Pretty waterfalls.
Laura can crawl now.
Flares return from TR2.
Mind the piranhas...
After the first few levels, you can can pick your next set.
In the Nevada desert.
Mind the snake...
Laura's been captured by the military.
Mind the guards...
Laura packs her bags and heads to London.
Mind the drop...
Double-fisted shooty action.
Down into the Underground.
Mind the bums...

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu/Title Screen
Underwater is always dark.
3D acc. cards can clearly demonstrates speed and effects in 3D games, especially with water elements that stick to CPU like crazy.
Using your trusty colts.
Lara's about to fall to her feet.. and die!
We all know that Lara's wardrobe is as important as gameplay. Here's her "lounging around the mansion" outfit.
This stylish leather suit is for Lara's London adventures and is modeled here in an in-game scripted sequence.
Just because the temperature is below zero doesn't mean you have to zip up.
This time out, Lara can occasionally take a break from running with her new 4-wheeler.
Dark rooms are no match for the new improved flares.
As with all Lara's adventures, TRIII has plenty of swiming...
... hanging from things...
... and spikey death traps.
There are cinematics at the end of each adventure but they are even lower resolution than the scripted sequences.
Once you complete the initial India mission, you can play the next three adventures in any order.
Each adventure has it's own load screen.
Another staple of Tomb Raider games, the chance to gun down exotic wildlife...
... and the occasional bad person.
Tomb Raider, Corporate Radier... It's a fine line between the two.
You know, that blue top was just too confining.