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PlayStation 3 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Intro cinematic.
Stranded on a mysterious island.
Animal hunting gives you experience, but you are not food dependent in this game.
Pause menu.
You can carry only 4-5 weapons at once.
Map of the area.
You can light the torches at the fire source.
Lara is not the only survivor from the shipwreck.
Sliding down the rope.
Full map of the island.
Keep it steady, Lara.
Always be ready for sudden quick-time events.
Samurai warriors have spotted you.
Outrunning the flaming arrows.
Move left an right during the slides to avoid deadly obstacles.
Time it right to perform execution move.
Check out the treasure boxes.
Use fireplaces to save your progress, fast-travel or upgrade your weapons.
Upgrading your skills.
Upgrading your gear.
Pry the door open.
Fighting the samurai warriors.
Death comes quickly in close-combat, so try fighting from the distance.
She looks underdressed for the unexplainable winter element on the island.
No way to cross this bridge again.
Nice landing.
Taking on a couple of unfriendlies.
You can find various documents scattered around the island.
Unlockable character artwork.
Unlockable level artwork.
Behind the scenes featurette.

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Meet Lara Croft, again - more splendidly-looking than ever before
Lara is stranded on a mysterious island where the ancient Yamatai was located... or so the game says
The gameplay begins in this gruesome place - press arrows to free Lara!
Quick-time events are abundant. Here, mash a button to take the arrow out
Camera is very dynamic. I have rarely seen a game with such a view. And no, this is not a cutscene
Beautiful view. This is not a pre-rendered image, it's all in-game graphics, and even not on the highest setting
Now this feels more like the Lara Croft we know! Except the setting, of course
Oh no, you'll have to kill those dear... and Lara will actually feel sorry for that
Here you can upgrade your Hunter and Survivor skills when you get skill points
This place reminds us of older Tomb Raiders. The atmosphere is intense
The game has many collectible relics and alike. This mask looks a bit similar to a former classmate of mine
Sam Nishimura is Lara's best friend. She looks like a current-gen Taiwanese pop star
Wolves are deadly, so be quick with that crossbow of yours!
Temple doors. This is what this island is all about
The famous "almost rape" scene... a quick-time event will put an end to it right away
You've got a gun and now you kill humans. It's us or them, like Windsor Horne Lockwood would put it
This is the map, viewable at camps and used for fast travel
You can upgrade your weapons when you've salvaged enough parts
Moody, dark view of the mountains
You find nothing better to do but shoot chicken with a handgun in an abandoned village
Hey. This guy is not much of a conversationalist, but you can still light him up, if you catch my drift
Scared already?
This is TOMB Raider, right? Well, here is a tomb for you! They return with some puzzle-solving, and most of them are optional!
Close combat against a menacing thug
Throw a lamp to ignite objects
A shoot-out in an old warehouse. You are armed with a rifle now, which works really well
Another one of the game's cinematic angles. And again, not a cutscene - in the middle of gameplay
Taking on a freakish dude with a shield high in the mountains
Not for people with acrophobia!
And you thought THAT was high?..
Well-timed acrobatics in a mountain village
The game goes overboard with fresh corpses, given the action takes place on a remote island
Cinematic escape from a burning building
Nice weather effects
One of gruesome deaths
A sequence in which Lara descends using a parachute and needs to avoid trees
Caught in a trap, hanging upside down (reminds of The Last of Us)
Hit an explosive barrel with fire arrow
Cinematic climb and avoid scene, not unlike commonly seen in Uncharted games
Some obstacles need to be destroyed with a shotgun
With the ice pick Lara cling to certain walls
Lara's special vision shows where she needs to go next and also reveals secrets and places of interest
Lara brutally kills a bigger enemy
Artwork from the gallery
In some areas the wind is so strong it literally tears apart buildings
Found a piece of map that reveals certain collectibles in the area
Multiplayer match
This boss can easily crush Lara

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Start screen
The game features some nice really nice puzzles, e.g. using this cage to escape the cave.
QTE, what else
You finally emerge from the cave into this breathtaking scenery.
These walls are climbable.
Loot containers for experience and materials
Gather those arrows, you will need them a lot.
Scene from the introduction, Roth could not hold her.
Exploring the woods. Why is there a truck lying there?
The game has a lot to collect and thankfully helps you tracking down the items.
Map view with current objective and area statistics
Hunt the deer for resources.
You can rank up three different skill trees.
Some objects can only be manipulated with the right tools.
Some treasure from former inhabitants.
A wolf attacks and Lara takes him down in slow motion.
The poor girl really takes a beating in this game.
Dead enemies can be looted as well.
Finally a gun!
You will burn a lot of stuff in this game and it looks really nice (and makes a lot of fun).
No Tomb Raider without Tombs!
Destroying some objects starts special challenges which give extra experience.
You rest at a campfire, where you can level your skill tree, upgrade weapons or use fast travel.
Looks like there was some kind of base on this island.
She must be freezing with these clothes in the cold mountains.
Caught in a trap which gives you an upside down shooting view.
Use the bow to attach ropes to use them for rappelling.
Lara found another temple with another riddle.
At the end of each Tomb is a treasure chest with a map of the area and resources.
Rappelling is fun.
Some grossly cave... I wonder who lives here.
An in-game tutorial telling you about survival instincts.
Should I jump?
A water slide... watch out for obstacles.
Some kind of town
Weapon upgrade screen
A stranded battleship?
Survival instinct highlight special objects.
Lara doing what she does best... exploring.

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