Trantor the Last Stormtrooper Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen. A voice tells you it is Trantor the Last Stormtrooper.
Opening cinematic
Main menu and credits
Starting location
These tanks refuel my weapon.
I found energy in the cabinet.
I accessed the computer and found something.
On level 2
Found the terminal on level 3
On level 4
I died
This is my rating.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
The ship comes into view in the into
It lands
And blows up, but fortunately you are thrown clear
This being you
Control options
Game start

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Opening cinematic
Starting location
This is a computer terminal.
I accessed the computer and found something.
This cabinet had energy. I am being attacked, still.
These tanks refuel my weapon.
On level 2
I found the terminal at level 2
I found a shield in a cabinet on level 2
A terminal on level 3
I died.
Which causes me to explode.
Game over and this is my rating.

DOS version

The entire game weights in at massive 80 kilobytes, but strangely doesn't include the intro.
It took me forever to capture this, as any key, including PrintScreen, takes you into the game.
Set your emulators to the neighborhood of 2Mhz, or the game will run WAY too fast.
For a storm trooper, your armament is downright lousy - all you get is a flamethrower!
This is quite possibly the ugliest port of Trantor out there.
Look out behind you! The only large enemy in the game, that thing will kill you instantly.
You'll see this screen a lot.

MSX version

Intro screen
Use the terminal
Very low survival rate...

ZX Spectrum version

The loading screen
Title Screen
Shoot the flying droids
When you die you get mocked for having a low score
Find the lift...
And use it
Running thought the level
Don't shoot to the boxes - time waste.