Ultimate Mind Games Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
The game's menu carousel. There are entries for Rules, Tactics, Freeplay, Story Mode, and Settings
This is the game selection screen. The same format is used for Rules, Tactics and Freeplay. In story Mode it's also used as the Practice menu
This is a screen in the Rules section, it covers the gale Crystals. All Rules are broken into small, easy to digest, sections
Crystals is a difficult game to describe so here's a picture
The game's Story Mode starts like this with a series of short pieces of text beneath a blank screen. Unless the player's prepared it's easy to think the disc is faulty
This is the beginning of the end of the introduction. Mana tells us of the invasion and takes us, eventually, to Resistance HQ.
Here we are at Resistance HQ. All the game controls are on the left
This is the Power Map. By winning games in these regions the player can reduce the power of the invaders
This is the World Map. Each region has its own game, In Fantan Freeway the game is, naturally Fan Tan
Entering one of the regions, PeiJuan Bay, where the game is 'Page One'. Subtle homophone there. Note the only available option is to fight, not enough cash for anything else yet
A game of Page One in progress
Ooops! Didn't win this one, that gives the invaders another five percent influence on the Power Map