Unreal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Loading game
Title / opening cinematic fly-by castle
Main menu
Skill level
Player selection
Loading level - Mission 1 Vortex Rikers
Game start - prison
Upper level of prison cell
Kevlar shield in the Armory
The floor is slippery like ice here
Med Lab
Entering Area B
Area C looking for the way out
Crash landing on a planet... yes it is an emergency!
Mission 2 NyLeve's Falls
Prison ship
First enemy firing some type of rockets
An stay down!
Some type of rabbit?
Loading Mission 3 Rrajigar Mine
Another attack
More health and ammo
Enemy hanging from ceiling
Corridors to the generator room
Generators must be shut down
Game save

Windows version

The title screen appears as the game displays its beautiful areas
Another impressive view. Don't worry, you'll get to explore that place
Define your player
Oh those pesky door to door salesmen
Aliens are people too - when you cut off their heads they die like people!
Two Krall about to make a poor Nali walk the plank
After the crash
I'd call this an emergency!
Three Krall get together for a friendly game of dice
Eerie computer log
Group Photo! You have no idea how hard it is to get the family together without them trying to disembowel each other.
A Skaarj and a Krall duke it out
Carnage was here--follow the trail of blood...
Don't Panic!
Multitexturing adds high levels of detail
I would look behind you if I were you
Tis but a flesh wound! (That's the lower half of his body at the end of the bridge)
Deep in the bowels of the earth you battle the winged Demonlord. Rocket launcher for an arm? Why do they ALWAYS have a rocket launcher for an arm?
Up close and personal with a Skaarj warrior
Realistic waterfall
Underground mine
Many corpses have stories to tell. This is the last human survivor besides yourself. Or was, anyway.
Water grotto
Some puzzles are underwater
Up close and personal with a Skaarj grunt
Lovely outdoor setting
The final battle against the meanest mother on the planet
Transwarp conduit
At the top of the temple
Effects: Detail multitexturing
Effects: Fire, water, volumetric lighting...
Effects: Plasma forcefield, reflective floor...
No, you are not watching total recall, this is Vandora - Goddess of Thunder
Fog effects make enemies look even more threatening
The Sky Town