Wasteland Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Out in the desert
Searching for loot
Up in the Mountains
Combat with Nuke Pooches

Commodore 64 version

The title screen has some animation, showing how the Earth is incinerated, leaving behind mutated life in the Wasteland.
You create a party and move across the land, armed with crowbars, knives, and World War II era weapons.
You are free to look at and adjust your party as you need.
You can radio back to base to see if you are ready for promotion.
You spend much time cleaning up the planet of dangerous mutants.
Sometimes you help farmers, killing the dangerous "possums" in their fields.

DOS version

Title Screen (EGA)
Harry the Bunnymaster (EGA)
Combat: Exploding like a blood sausage (EGA)
Combat: Reducing him into a thin red paste (EGA)
Our fearless rangers find themselves in another fine mess (EGA)
Calculated events (EGA)
Standing next to a satellite dish (EGA)
Hiring an NPC (EGA)
Hostage standoff with Ugly John (EGA)
Referencing a 'paragraph' enhances the story (EGA)
Even wacko people hate you (EGA)
The post-atomic wastes is no place for a magic shop (EGA)
The Mines (EGA)
The Learning Center (EGA)
The Infirmary (EGA)
The ever-annoying chessboard puzzle (EGA)
Testing the Howitzer... oops! (EGA)
When people start worshiping the Bomb, you know it can only lead to tragedy (EGA)
Promoted! (EGA)
Charmaine the radioactive high priestess (EGA)
1980s influences aplenty (EGA)
Las Vegas. The dice continue to roll despite War, Nuclear Armageddon, and an invasion of killer robots (EGA)
More 1980s references (EGA)
Dispensing family values, crypto-military style (EGA)
A bug in the game (EGA)
The infamous Scorpitron war machine (EGA)
Death in the Wasteland (EGA)
Inside the abandoned Sleeper Base, in the aftermath of Finster's massacre (EGA)
Finster's mad dream reveals the depth of your struggle (EGA)
Battle against Irwin John Finster (EGA)
Inside Finster's electronic brain (EGA)
The warped manifestations of Finster's insane mind (EGA)
Finster Challenges you to one final command decision (EGA)
Finster's final form stands between you and Base Cochise (EGA)
Battling the Guardians of the Old Order, worshippers of Visa and Volkswagon (EGA)
Pretty funky get-up for a nun (EGA)
VAX, the best NPC in the entire game (EGA)
Confronting the Cochise A.I. for the fate of all mankind (EGA)
Ranger Center (CGA composite)
Promotion screen (CGA composite)
Main map (CGA composite)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Ranger center (CGA with RGB monitor)
Main map (CGA with RGB monitor)
Promotion screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Aggressive animal (VGA)
Deadfall! My poor characters (VGA)
Big lizard
Wild canine
Wasteland warrior
Waste pit
leather jerk