Airline Tycoon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Airport
Mt Rushmore - See how well you do against competitors
The Human Resources Offices
The Arab Air Counter
Buy a Laptop and work from everywhere.
The Museum
The engineers take care of your machines
Buy new aircrafts at the "Broker"
This is your office, where all the flight planning and retrofitting is done.
You will receive letters. Some are important, some are junk.
You can upgrade the look of your planes, as well as technical upgrades (like landing gear and cockpit).
These two people are in charge of personnel; you can hire or fire pilots, flight attendants and advisors.
The FiloFax lets you decide what planes will handle what orders, and when.
You can issue or buy shares at the bank.
Rick can give you important information. He's "in the know".
I don't have any flights at the moment, but this waiting room is usually full.
If you can wake this guy up, he will give you a special item.
The monitor will show you all flights, what time, and what gate.
If you can find this man, he can sabotage your rivals or their planes.
At the beginning of every new day, you will see what you accomplished the previous day.
The screen turns black and white when you successfully complete a mission.
Before buying a plane, you can check out the stats, including max distance and passenger capacity.
You can bid on different branch offices, possibly making your airline bigger.
If you give this woman the bra, she'll give you a horseshoe, which can help you out.
With a brand new order, all we have to do is wait for the customers to line up.
The Last Minute stand lets you take on immediate flights, which have a higher premium, but have to be filled right away.
Gotta find a way to get a drink without electroucting myself...
Cargo runs are alternates to passenger flights.
You can form cooperations with any of your three competitors.
You can check on your company's stock, as well as take out a loan.