Alan Wake's American Nightmare Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main title.
Main menu.
Alan Wake and Mr. Scratch in opening cinematic.
Waking up on a godforsaken place, somewhere in Arizona... time to start connecting the dots.
There might be someone who can give me some answers at the motel.
You need to know when to fight and when to run.
Collect your script pages to find out what has happened and what is about to happen.
Alan does not seem to remember everything, but he is more composed about it this time around.
Resupplying ammo and flashlight batteries.
Using flare gun will easily take out multiple enemies, but you should not waste it on regulars as the ammo for it is rather scarce.
Slow-motion kicks in when the final enemy is destroyed... nail-gun is weapon of choice for this nightmare.
Encountering new type of enemy that splits in two when exposed to light... use only weapons to deal with such foes.
Unlike in original game, you don't actually drive between location, but that is only displayed through a couple of slides.
Arriving at the observatory.
Firemen do not like your presence here.
Scientists are skeptical by nature, but Alan knows better than to doubt the strange.
This poor girl's been influenced by your dark double... you may bring her to senses if you can turn on the lights.
Radios and TVs are back, but don't expect to hear too many songs on the air.
Road block.
Crossbow means one shot one kill, but reloading takes forever when in mid-combat.
Approaching the enemy source requires a lot of firepower.
You can change the events by matching them to things that you have written.
The satellite crashed leaving nothing but burning trail behind.
As you revisit locations after time being reset, you can find new pages which in turn will help you unlock weapon crates.
Hunting rifle may not hold many bullets, but is deadly at greater distance.
Some enemies will throw the bombs that contain darkness at you, but can be easily disposed of in close combat.
Tougher enemies take time, so if they come too close, evade at the moment they swing at you.
After a successful evasive maneuver, enemy will be left for you to take on for a few short seconds.
You can turn on TVs to see various messages left for you by your evil double.
Weapon crates will provide your special weapons, but you'll have to find certain number of script pages in order to open them.
Spiders comes in numbers, but can be easily killed with either only light or only weapon, don't require both like the taken.
Using M-16 automatic rifle against the taken.
Strange things emerging from the ground are source of the taken, destroy it with light to take out all the nearby taken controlled by it.
Tougher enemies won't appear until after a few time-loop cycles.
They are protecting the power switch so you can't change the future events.
Some scenes will recreate the feel of Alan Wake, using loud background song while you fend off waves of attackers for a certain time.
Evasion can be done easily once you master the timing.
There are various unlockable extras, such as weapons, cut-scenes, music video and such.
Arcade gameplay mode has several maps you can fight until the dawn.
In arcade mode, waves of enemies will keep on coming until the time runs out an it dawns.