ArmA: Combat Operations (Windows)

ArmA: Combat Operations Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
One of the many loading screens
The Armory where you can watch everything you find in the game.
One of my teammates got shot down and I've got to make my way to the Blackhawk.
Isn't she a beauty? The Sikorsky UH-60 transport helicopter or short: Blackhawk.
Your co-pilot for the training mission
The engine is already heating up.
Getting a infantry squad out of the zone.
Nice forest. The landing zone still is 3187m away.
There are several small and big cities on the island.
Mission accomplished.
The editor which allows you to make your own missions.
My rather stiff chauffeur
The calm before the storm. Carefully driving through a city.
The squad has to proceed on foot.
Enemy sighted - and shot.
Got another one of those rebels.
This one has a rocket launcher pointed at my Humvee.
Your death is always commented by a famous man.
It was a slaughter
rooftops make for good cover
we did it!
a UH-60 Black Hawk taking off after we cleared the area
conquering the hotel
leaving the hotel
healing an injured teammate
all the utilities a soldier could want